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Fond Du Lac Tribal and Community College in Cloquet, MN

This page is currently under construction (March 2021).


“Polaris, the North Star is uniquely important. Fixed in place, an anchor. No matter where you are in the northern hemisphere, if you face Polaris, you face North. You know where you are.  But, there are other ways to get lost. In the choices we make, in events that overwhelm us, even within our own minds. What can be an anchor then?  What beacon can we turn to, to guide us from darkness to light?  What if it’s other people? The lives that touch our own, in ways big and small? Because unlike Polaris, the light that they bring will never fade.”


What is North Star?

Student success is at the heart of what Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College staff, faculty and administration strives to achieve. To help support our students in their educational journeys, FDLTCC has invested in a communication platform initially called Starfish. FDLTCC has rebranded the platform and we call it “North Star.”


Login to North Star here. (Add the direct link to this when the North Star system is ready to go.)


What can North Star do for students?

Students are at the center of the North Star universe. During your time at FDLTCC, support is at your fingertips. By using the North Star platform you can raise your hand for assistance and North Star will allow our staff, faculty and administrators to respond to you in a timely manner. Our employees can also easily communicate with you regarding any concerns they have or to celebrate your classroom successes!

FDLTCC cares about you and the goals you have set for yourself. Using this software is one way student and college employees empower you to be successful.


What can North Star do for employees?

Need info here


Video Tutorial for Employees

Add video here.


Video Tutorial for Students

Add video here.


Tips for using North Star

Tips for successful employee and student use can be added here. Pdfs, files, links to Hobson’s, etc.


Success Stories

Consider adding some examples of how North Star helped FDLTCC students succeed…show that it works. Data tables might fit here.