Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College conferred associate degrees and diplomas on 229 students during commencement ceremonies held in the Lester Jack Briggs Cultural Center at the college on May 21, 2015.
Larry Anderson, president of Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, welcomed a full house of friends, families, and community members to the college, and along with Don Carlson, vice president of academic affairs, presided over the commencement exercises.
The commencement address was delivered by Marla Ahlgren, retiring English and Composition faculty member at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College. Student speakers were Cheryl Foss, Melvin Barney, and Nathan Crotteau. The college bestowed an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree to Ernie Strandberg of Cloquet, Minnesota.
The following students are members of the 2015 Graduating Class of Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College:
Aitkin, Minnesota
Shannon Westerlund
Alborn, Minnesota
Hannah Barcus
Jesse Kaneski
Barnum, Minnesota
Allison Cassandro
Jennifer Charboneau
Jessi Ennen
Kristine Jacobsen
Emily Trotterchaude
Chase Valentine
Brainerd, Minnesota
Adam Paulsen
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Jessica Koch
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Da’Rnay Sandlin
Marcus Taylor-Loyd, High Honors
James Wilson
Brookston, Minnesota
Raeanne Bergren, Honors
Leah Houska
Carlton, Minnesota
Erik Adams
Shawn Bernhardt
Brody Johnson
Erin Johnson
Ashley Liimatainen
Kelsey Swieringa
Kerry Vohnoutka
Cedar, Minnesota
Dylan Draxten, Honors
Champlin, Minnesota
Anthony Nelson, High Honors
Cloquet, Minnesota
Broc Abrahamson
Stephanie Agius, Honors
Scott Aldrich, High Honors
Keni Anderson, High Honors
Melvin Barney
Jade Benko
Clarice Blaisdell, High Honors
Tami Boedigheimer, Honors
Alicia Bolander
Erica Bowman
Grayson Brady
Jenna Broberg, High Honors
Christopher Brown
Kelley Burud
Jared Bush, Honors
Joelyn Buskala
Carly Cary
Stacy Cordle
Alicia Couch, High Honors
Brent Cullen, High Honors
Rochelle Cullen, High Honors
Michelle DeCaigny, High Honors
Margaret DeFoe
Kami Diver
Amber Dougherty
Dellarae Durfee, Honors
Sarah Eggebraaten, Honors
Marisa Fink
Cheryl Foss, High Honors
Thomas Frank
Ryan Gebhart
Don Gentilini, Honors
Mehgan Gillette
Kayla Gordon, High Honors
Naomi Greensky
Leah Harder
Joseph Hedman, Honors
Trever Hero
Nathan Hietala, High Honors
Cameron Holshouser
Joshua Houska
Kristi Jacobi
Theodore Jacobi, High Honors
Bethany Johnson
Alexandria Johnson, Honors
David Jones
MaKayleigh Jones, Honors
Corinne Langevin
Gordon Loree, High Honors
Felicia Martineau
Brenda Martini, Honors
Samuel Merrell
Elizabeth Morrison, Honors
Julie Morton
Tracy Mullen, Honors
Lance Northbird
Jordan Northrup
Amanda Olson, High Honors
Jarvis Paro
Alicia Parson
Shania Paulson
Robert Peacock
Sarah Petite
Brenda Port
Hannah Richardson, Honors
Benjamin Shultz
Joseph Singpiel
Veronica Smith
Kaitlin Thompson
Todd Tidaback, High Honors
Shala Topping
Perlyn Utter, High Honors
Ronald Willis, High Honors
Bobbi Zakowitz
Cold Spring, Minnesota
Elizabeth Ohmann
Cromwell, Minnesota
Kristen Anderson, High Honors
Lola Hakala
Jacob Ramberg
Anissa Warner
Duluth, Minnesota
LaDonna Adams
Spring Aubol, High Honors
Christopher Baga, High Honors
Rene’e Benitez
Ashley Benson
Anna Bishop, High Honors
Molly Blomdahl
Sammy Boit
Zachary Borchardt, Honors
Brynna Burnes, Honors
Andrea Butenhoff, Honors
Alexandra Carlson
Samuel Center
Molly Cochran, High Honors
Jaimie Cunningham, Honors
Matthew Dolsen, Honors
Derek Dorman
Jonathon Enright, High Honors
Bryce Erickson, Honors
Liza Forsberg, Honors
Aaron Haller
Nathan Hodapp, High Honors
Kathleen Holz, Honors
Charles Horton, Honors
Brianna Hraban
Samantha Hulter
JoDeen Hutchings
Gavin Johnson
Stephanie Karis, High Honors
Eunice Lightfeather
Kelly Lind, Honors
Jessica Lindstrom, Honors
Daniel Magana
Jennifer Montain
Chandra Mrak, Honors
Nicholas Nelson
Khrystin Ockuly, Honors
Brent Olson
Jessica Onnen, Honors
Garrett Otteson
Joseph Ramsay
Keri Redding, High Honors
Samantha Roseth
Rebecca Sheehan
Raymond Skoglund, High Honors
Daniel Strecker
Paula Suliin
Stephanie Vainio
Samantha Vezina
Toni Wagner, High Honors
Lindsay West-Fabiny
Jeremy Wilson, Honors
Esko, Minnesota
Brittni Abbett
Lisa Antolik
Amy Jarvis
Julie Lagios, High Honors
Andrea McIntyre
Christine Nygren, Honors
Kathrine Oland
Lisa Stowe Slygh, Honors
Farmington, Minnesota
Mathew Schmitz, Honors
Hermantown, Minnesota
Steven Borndal
James Dahl, Honors
Lacey Dunaiski
Laura Garrett
Vanessa Josephson
Sara Kelly, Honors
Hibbing, Minnesota
Shanna Ralidak, Honors
Hillman, Minnesota
Amber Keehr, High Honors
Holdingford, Minnesota
Samantha Hellmann
Holyoke, Minnesota
Quinn Sellon
Mahtowa, Minnesota
Dwight Hebert
Maple, Wisconsin
Zachary Hermanson
Marshall, Minnesota
Aaron Quesenberry
McGregor, Minnesota
Winona Crazy Thunder
Chelsy Wilkie
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mark Evans
Moose Lake, Minnesota
Nathan Crotteau
Jason Defibaugh, High Honors
Natalia Knezevich, High Honors
Jesse Pruette, High Honors
Charles Unzen
Julie Waldhalm
New Munich, Minnesota
Kimberly Doll
Nicollett, Minnesota
Whitney Wills
Proctor, Minnesota
Torey Haluptzok
Luke Nikko
Kaysee Olson
Remer, Minnesota
Alisha Smith
Rice, Minnesota
Jeana Gaida
Richmond, Minnesota
Katie Hopfer, High Honors
Ryan Rothstein, Honors
Saginaw, Minnesota
Micki Amendola
Jessica Campbell
Colton Inforzato
Sawyer, Minnesota
Cedar Savage, Honors
Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
Emily Danelski, High Honors
Meghan Ring, Honors
Superior, Wisconsin
Haley Ackley
Kathryn Bassignana
Ryan Kelly
Karen Kucera, High Honors
Brittany Mullen
James Ohman, Honors
Ashley Rydberg, Honors
Jennifer Stranko
Patricia Ullan, High Honors
Tamarack, Minnesota
Erland Niemi, Honors
Two Harbors, Minnesota
Christopher Collins
Wrenshall, Minnesota
Angela Despot
Christeen Massey
Vail, Arizona
Tiffany Branson
Boca Raton, Florida
Kevin Cemoin
Immokalee, Florida
Viquesi Timothe, Honors
Lauderdale, Florida
Witerson Brutus
Lauderhill, Florida
Lee Vildor
Miami, Florida
Pierre Avesca
Miramar, Florida
Dave Lacosse
Palm Coast, Florida
Cardan Perkins
Tampa, Florida
Deandre Dubuche
Dolton, Illinois
Terrell Deloach
Mandeville, Lousianna
Antonio Marshall
Euclid, Ohio
Melvin King
Poplar, Wisconsin
Matthew Schiff
South Range, Wisconsin
Paige Grenier, High Honors


It is awesome here at the FDLTCC Education Program because it is like a family here, if you need help or are struggling with anything, you have quite a few people who will help you out.

My favorite thing about FDLTCC is the people. I’ve met fantastic students, faculty and staff who go above and beyond what I expected.

I chose FDLTCC because of its size and the curriculum. When I first came here in 2019, I was just looking for what I needed to volunteer, perhaps in a crisis shelter. I met with Don Jarvinen, and the rest is history.