If you need an official transcript from Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College for a Minnesota State System college or university, that institution will be able to obtain your transcript at no charge to you. Please contact the Admissions Office or Registrar at your receiving institution for further information.

To send an official transcript to another college, Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide transcript ordering via the web, which is the fastest way to get a transcript and is recommended. You can order transcripts using any major credit card. Your card will only be charged after your order has been completed.

Click here to order Official Transcripts via the National Student Clearinghouse

The National Student Clearinghouse site will walk you through placing your order, including delivery options and fees. You can order as many transcripts as you like in a single session. A processing fee will be charged per recipient. Order updates will be emailed to you. You can also track your order online.

If you are in need of a printed paper Transcript Order Form, please contact FDLTCC’s Records Office at 218-879-0885.

Students with a business hold on their Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College record will not be able to get an official transcript from the Records and Registration Office until all holds have been cleared. Please contact the Business Office for further information 218-879-0812.


Online Access to Transcripts

Students may view and print unofficial copies of their transcript through their Student Account. Students can log-on through the Student Account Access located here.


Grade Point Calculation

Grade point average is computed using the total credits attempted and the total grade points received. Multiply the credit hours a class is worth by the points for the grade earned. Add the number of grade points earned and divide them by the number credits attempted. (Grades of P, NC, I, and W are not used in the GPA calculation.)

  • A = 4 points
  • B = 3 points
  • C = 2 points
  • D = 1 point
  • F = 0 points


MATH 1050
3 credits
B grade = 3 points
3 credits x 3 points = 9 points

PSYC 2001
4 credits
C grade = 2 points
4 credits x 2 points = 8 points
3 + 4 = 7 credits; 9 + 8 =17 points
17 (points) divided by 7 (credits) = 2.42 GPA



Letter grades will be assigned in each course as an evaluation of student achievement. The student’s overall progress is measured by the grade point average, which is determined by dividing the sum of the grade points earned in all letter-graded courses (A-F) by the sum of all credits earned in those courses. The following grading policy is used at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College.

Grade Definition Grade Point/Credit

  • A – Superior: 4.0
  • B – Above Average Achievement: 3.0
  • C – Average Achievement: 2.0
  • D – Below Average Achievement: 1.0
  • F – Inadequate: 0.0 (assigned to courses numbered 1000 and above)
  • FN – Failure for Non-attendance: 0.0
  • NC – No Credit (not calculated into grade point average; may only be assigned to courses numbered below 1000)
  • P – Passing (not calculated into grade point average; limited to approved courses; e.g., student request in Physical Education, Study Skills, workshops, or for those courses specifically designed as pass/no credit)
  • Z – A temporary grade of Z is listed on the transcript until the instructor turns in the final grade for the student.
  • I (Incomplete) – denotes lack of completion of the course during the semester in which it was offered. A student has the succeeding semester to complete the incomplete grade. Any incomplete grades carried beyond one semester will be changed to F, unless special arrangements have been made with the instructor.
  • AU (Audit) – denotes neither credit nor a grade. A student auditing a course registers and participates in the usual manner, but does not receive credit. Audits must be declared at the time of registration. Tuition and fees are assessed at the same rate as for students receiving credit for the course.
  • W (Withdrawal) – denotes complete withdrawal from a course after the fifth class day of the semester, but before the 60th day of the semester. A grade of W is non-punitive and is used only when the student completes the proper withdrawal procedure and when forms are processed by the Records and Registration Office. No indication of enrollment or withdrawal is made on the student’s transcript for courses dropped during the first five days of the semester. Withdrawals are not permitted following the conclusion of a course.

After the published last day to withdraw, the transcript will indicate the grade submitted by the instructor. An appeal can be made through the Records and Registration Office. Students who register for a course but do not attend the class and do not withdraw officially receive an F.


Repeating a Course

Students who receive grades of D, F, FN, or NC may repeat the courses in which they received these grades. Students should discuss their intentions with a counselor or advisor and complete the proper form. All repeated courses must be approved by an advisor/counselor prior to enrolling in the course. Both the old and new grades remain on student transcripts, but only the new grade will be used to compute the grade point average.


It is awesome here at the FDLTCC Education Program because it is like a family here, if you need help or are struggling with anything, you have quite a few people who will help you out.

I chose FDLTCC because of its size and the curriculum. When I first came here in 2019, I was just looking for what I needed to volunteer, perhaps in a crisis shelter. I met with Don Jarvinen, and the rest is history.

My favorite thing about FDLTCC is the people. I’ve met fantastic students, faculty and staff who go above and beyond what I expected.