In support of Minnesota State Policy 4.4


Part 1. Cancellation of Classes due to Weather or other Short-Term Emergencies. 

The authority to cancel classes due to weather conditions or other short-term emergencies resides with the college president or the president’s designee. Policy 1A.10 Emergency Management is applicable for long term closures. Cancellation of classes does not excuse any employee from work. Employees of Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College may take personal leave, vacation leave or use earned compensatory time when classes are canceled and they choose to be absent from work. Faculty members may make appropriate curricular adjustments as approved by administration (e.g. scheduling make up classes or meetings), or make duty adjustments as approved by management (e.g. office hours or other compensatory activities).

Part 2. Campus Closing due to Weather or other Short-Term Emergency.

The president or designee may close the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College campus due to weather or other short-term emergency of six calendar days or less in accordance with this policy. Policy 1A.10 Long Term Emergency Management is applicable for long-term closures. The closure of state agencies by the Commissioner of Minnesota Management and Budget does not apply to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities institutions. The Governor of Minnesota has emergency powers to issue an executive order to change the work schedule of executive branch employees in cases of natural disaster or other emergencies [M.S. Section 12.21]. This does apply to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities employees.


Subpart A. Weather emergencies. The following procedure shall be used to determine when weather conditions constitute a threat to the health and safety of college employees and students:

  1. Assessment of weather and travel conditions (temperature, wind, precipitation, condition of roads) shall be made in consultation with at least one of the following authorities:
    • Minnesota State Patrol
    • Minnesota Department of Transportation district offices
    • National Weather Service
    • Local television and radio news channels
  2. The president or designee(s) shall identify and inform essential personnel who may be required to report to work during times the college is closed or there is a delayed opening due to emergency procedures, and must develop procedures for notification of such personnel at these times.
  3. An attempt to notify students and employees of cancellation/closure will be made in person on campus and via electronic means. Announcements of cancellations or closings will be sent to the following broadcast media outlets:
    Radio stations: KDAL/610 AM, WKLK/1230 AM; KDAL/95.7FM, WKLK/96.5 FM
    Television channels: KDLH-TV/CBS-3, KBJR-TV/NBC-6, and WDIO-TV/ABC-10/13
    Newspapers: Duluth News Tribune website (
  4. The decision to close campus will be made by 6:00 a.m. when possible. The decision to cancel evening classes and events will be made by 3:00 p.m., when possible.
  5. When the campus is open, students and employees are encouraged to use their own judgment when weather conditions are severe.


Subpart B. Filing. A copy of the written procedures shall be filed with the Chancellor.


Subpart C. Other emergencies. Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College’s Emergency Response Team shall maintain a list of emergency situations other than those which are due to weather conditions for which campus closure would be an appropriate action. A list of essential employees that would not be excused from work duty during campus closings due to identified emergency conditions shall be maintained by the president.


Subpart D. Effect of closure. When a campus closing is declared, Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College employees are excused from work with pay. An employee’s absence with pay for an individual emergency situation shall not exceed the equivalent of two work days. Longer periods of absences require approval by the Chancellor. A campus closure applies to all employees without regard to labor contract. Weather or other emergency essential employees who are not excused from work will be paid at their regular rate of pay.


Subpart E. Timeframe. The declaration of a campus closure shall, whenever possible, clearly
identify the timeframe when employees are excused from work.


Subpart F. Notice to chancellor. Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College will notify the Chancellor or designee after the decision is made to close a campus due to weather conditions or other emergency conditions. This notice will be used by the Office of the Chancellor to respond to inquiries regarding campus closures.

Minnesota Statute 12.21


My favorite thing about FDLTCC is the people. I’ve met fantastic students, faculty and staff who go above and beyond what I expected.

I chose FDLTCC because of its size and the curriculum. When I first came here in 2019, I was just looking for what I needed to volunteer, perhaps in a crisis shelter. I met with Don Jarvinen, and the rest is history.

It is awesome here at the FDLTCC Education Program because it is like a family here, if you need help or are struggling with anything, you have quite a few people who will help you out.