During Academic Late Night event on campus on Tuesday, May 2, Early Registration Advantage prize winners’ names were drawn from among everyone who registered for Fall Semester 2017 classes during April. More than 300 students registered for Fall Semester 2017 classes during the first four weeks registration was open.
Here is the complete list of prize winners in our Early Registration Advantage promotion.
The FDLTCC Foundation generously funded the purchase of prizes for this semester’s drawings, plus our Admissions Office donated a few additional items.
Beats solo3 Wireless Headphones Winner: Angela Martini
$50.00 College Bookstore Gift Certificate Winners: Alexander Bodin and Austin Denman
$25.00 B&B Market/Thunder Deli Gift Certificate Winners: Jonathon Hero, Ralph Tuck, Megan Bush, Heather Buttgen
$25.00 Walmart Gift Card Winners: Hope Calogero, Aliza Gingras, Alexis Jacobson, Joan Linski
FDLTCC T-shirt and Credit Card Holder Winners: Vanessa Saginaw, Sarah Warren, Kyleigh Misson
Prize winners, please see Anita in Student Services Office 135 to pick-up your prize, bring photo identification with you.

FDLTCC Early Registration Advantage 2017

FDLTCC counselor Anita Hanson and Professional Science Tutor Glen Sorenson draw the lucky winners’ names for the Early Registration Advantage prizes.

Angela Martini

Current FDLTCC student Angela Martini won the top prize of a pair of beats solo3 wireless headphones.


I chose FDLTCC because of its size and the curriculum. When I first came here in 2019, I was just looking for what I needed to volunteer, perhaps in a crisis shelter. I met with Don Jarvinen, and the rest is history.

FDLTCC offered me a supportive environment I couldn't pass up, everyone and everything here at school is trying to help you succeed, from the programs, to the faculty, to the resources.

I chose FDLTCC for a fresh start in life. It had been two years since I graduated High School and I wanted more than just working a 9-5. I was living in Florida at the time, and I had an opportunity to travel the world doing what I love playing the game of basketball.