To all Minnesota State students, faculty, and staff:
Now that the spring semester is underway, I hope you had a chance – even for a little while – to take a deep breath, untether from your computers and smart phones, and find some time to reflect, relax and be with your families and friends. Over the holidays, as I thought about the work that lies ahead for all of us, I was reminded of something the poet Maya Angelou once said: “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.” With these words in mind, here is my hope for each of you this semester, no matter your role on our campuses.
To our faculty and staff: Thank you – all of you – for what you do each and every day to ensure that our students can succeed and the communities in which our colleges and universities are located can thrive. I hope you will continue to love the work you do and to cherish the transformative effect it has on our students.
To our students: The faculty and staff are ready to mentor you and guide you through yet another exciting semester. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them for assistance as you move toward the finish line, because they are eager to help you overcome your obstacles and succeed in an academic program you love. If you’re graduating this semester, congratulations! The faculty and staff are excited to learn about the success that comes from what you do next in life. Commencement means the end of an adventure but also the beginning of a new one. I hope the next step in your life leads you to work that you love.
And to everyone on our campuses: I wish you all the best for a rewarding and productive spring semester!
Devinder Malhotra
Interim Chancellor
Note: This was originally sent as an email message to all Minnesota State students, staff, and faculty on January 12, 2018.


I chose FDLTCC because of its size and the curriculum. When I first came here in 2019, I was just looking for what I needed to volunteer, perhaps in a crisis shelter. I met with Don Jarvinen, and the rest is history.

My favorite thing about FDLTCC is the people. I’ve met fantastic students, faculty and staff who go above and beyond what I expected.

It is awesome here at the FDLTCC Education Program because it is like a family here, if you need help or are struggling with anything, you have quite a few people who will help you out.